haven’t done a food post in a while

Mainly because I haven’t been cooking that much, or cooking particularly interesting things when I do. Still, the extensive audience for this blog expects more and so here is an update.

Was making meatballs – pork, lemon, anchovy, parmesan, thyme, parsley, breadcrumbs, lemon juice and lemon zest – alert: these are very good meatballs (the recipe can be found in Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries) and was wondering what to put them with. Didn’t want anything too heavy. Went with a recipe from Nigella Lawson (Cook, Eat, Repeat) – cauliflower roasted in apricot harissa, olive oil and orange juice. The cauliflower ended up a bit burnt – it’s apparently supposed to be slightly ‘scorched’ but this was a little more – but was good for all that and a very good combination. The meatballs were impeccable ofc.

a large translucent plastic bowl with cauliflower florets and leaves marinading in an orange coating (apricot harissa), with spice racks in the background

24 pork, lemon and anchovy polpettine/meatballs on a floured baking tray sitting on top of a hob

Started doing bread again, at least trying to, this was good – good, crackling crust and soft white. Slightly misshapen due to a little wobble when I got it out of the banneton into the dutch oven but overall good to be not spending £5+ on sourdough.

a homemade slighly mishappen crusty round loaf of bread cooling on a rack

An excellent recipe this next one – pork rubbed with salt, paprika, thyme and rosemary and left overnight for the flavours to penetrate. Then put on layers of sweet and normal potato and shallots and cooked for three or so hours. Deeply flavoured, warming, delicious mixture of paprikash, roast and boulangeres. Recipe from the FT (£ I’m afraid).

belly of pork with heavy duty paprika and salt rub laying out on a chopping board

on a walnut table: a white plate of slow roasted paprika coated pork and potatoes - sweet and normal - a scattering of salad leaves, and a dollop of mustard. a cheap green-glass wine glass with a little white wine in.

Finally my butcher has started doing rabbit, so I did roast rabbit (just olive oil and a little rosemary) served in some v good chicken broth I’d made a couple of weeks previous. I overcooked the rabbit, irritatingly – it was extremely strongly flavoured and somewhat dry, which the broth sort of helped with, and sort of didn’t. might give it another go.

on a walnut dining table, a white soup plate with light brown chicken broth and two dark pieces of rabbit, on the right a side plate overflowing with green and purple salad leaves, behind that a cheap green-glass wine glass of red wine, and behind that a small pile of papers, the pink of the FT and the LRB sitting on top.

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