easter cooking

Some easter cooking. Fish pie for a friend last Wednesday. Very difficult to get good fish pie out in restaurants so it’s a good one to do yerself, and this was exceptional A+ no further questions. No ard boiled hegg because they don’t like it.

fish pie and spinach on a white plate

large fish pie in a baking dish sitting on top of a hob

Rather misshapen hot cross buns, but again, these are usually very poor bought out – not enough peel or spices, and don’t use almond paste for the cross. Misshapen, but delicious.

12 misshapen hot cross buns on a cooling tray

Flarze in the local pub.

a vase of flowers in the sunlight on a wooden table

And a chicken pie for Easter Sunday. Chicken poached the day before.

chicken and vegatables in a pie dish

Stock made from the liquid in which the chicken was poached, and a white sauce created with a roux, stock, cream and parsley.

vegetables and chicken in pie dish with white sauce now added

Short pastry.

pie dish with pastry layed on top with some ornaments in the shape of three pastry leaves

Extremely shit oven results in quite uneven results but was pleased with the outcome.

brown pastry pie

Pie was also a+, 10/10, would not get better out.

chicken pie on a white plate with boiled potatoes, a pie dish with a quarter of pie missing in the background

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