The Wreck of the Sierra Madre

There is something particularly piquant about the mixture of elements in this story:

Biden to warn Beijing against meddling in South China Sea

A rusting wreck called the Sierra Madre in the South China Sea, with Philippine marines stationed on it, at the centre of a diplomatic flashpoint.

I was mentally tagging this as #futureaesthetic, or “the future’s here today”. Or is it like a projection from the past about what the future would look like? Or is it just that many of the elements here – the wreck, the film name resonating around it all, the name The Second Thomas Shoal, the set up for a new film, about marines on the edge of a global conflict on a rusting hulk, the geopolitical heft focused on this point of fragility – an accidental artefact of geopolitics – feel like they’re of the past, not new, the newness being provided only by the conflict, and even that of course, well established…

Author: diasyrmus

A melancholy emblem of parish cruelty.

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