Music Box

Music I’m enjoying at a given moment. ‘Month’s Mind’ playlists.

  • Transference Valence
    Four favourites from the week, four absolutely a-grade tracks too. Horace Ferguson – Tranquilizer Reissued on the excellent Death is Not the End label, a track off the 1987 album Sensi Addict. Produced by Prince Jazzbo, this cut has the sweet-voiced Horace Ferguson riding that compulsive Sleng Teng riddim. Skeng – Elvis Presley Track of … Continue reading “Transference Valence”
  • Like Any Horse Rider
    Missed a couple of weeks. It’s like I always say, with blogging it doesn’t matter how frequent it is, you just gotta make sure it’s out consistently. An incoherent set of four this week. That’s fine. I dreamt I dreamt that someone gave me a big presentation set of Cutty Ranks cd singles.
  • swimming against the tide
    themes this week – work and its entrapment, summer icumen in, itinerant yearning in lands symbolic and real.
  • why do the heathen pray?
    i used to do a four song “EP” every couple of weeks or so. stuff i’d be listening to. favourite songs, themed tracks etc. called it “month’s mind”. going to do it again. a diary of sorts. going to try for once a week. Youtube playlist here: